The aftons are the main characters of fnaf there is the daughter,mother,William Afton AKA dad,William Afton AKA BIG BROTHER and the crying child.

The story begins at Fredbears family diner or the cupcake minigame were you can see a boy crying outside then a purple figure appears and stabs the poor child it’s tear marks representing the puppet. The killer by the way is William.

The first victim of the aftons is the the daughter as seen by the girl minigame in SL WERE she gets some what scooped by Baby!

Second is the mother Which is possessed by bolara

Third is the crying child who gets bit on the frontal lobe we play as him in Fnaf4 And it’s sad he dies and posses Golden Freddy

Last of all is the killer dad who had (by now) made his through a bazillion kids unleashes the spirits of the dead children in such a panic acadentlly got crushed to deat by the spring lock Bonnie suit

Mike is the only survivor and hero he undoes his dads work

And that’s that